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Photo Albums Direct Thick Album
© B-Freed Weddings
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Thick Album Improved by popular demand

We’ve made the Thick Album lighter in weight

  1. Same thickness
  1. Same stability
  1. Still with a no-warp guarantee
Photo Albums Direct - Lighter Thick Album

The Thick Album now also comes in Folded Pages

  1. Choose between Split or Folded Pages
  1. Only 1/32″ seam on Split Pages
  1. No middle seam on Folded Pages
Photo Albums Direct - Thick Album with Folded Pages

Thin Albums with Wrap Around Covers

You wanted it? YOU GOT IT!

  1. You design your cover
  1. Glossy cover laminate option
  1. Matte cover laminate option
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Photo Albums Direct Thin Album with Wrap Around Cover
© 2016 Leah Marie Photography
Photo Albums Direct - Replica Albums
© William James Photography

Replica Albums

Also known as Parent Albums, these smaller-sized Thin Albums with a Wrap Around Glossy Cover have the same options and design as the main album

  1. Square sizes: 6×6, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12
  1. Vertical rectangle size: 6×7.63, 8.66×11, 11×14
  1. Horizontal rectangle size: 7.63×6, 11×8.66, 14×11
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New Rectangular Album Sizes*

These sizes are conveniently matched to fit an 11×14 ratio, horizontal or vertical, perfect for Album Designs and ideal for Replica Albums

  1. Horizontal: 11×8.66, 14×11, 7.63×6
  1. Vertical: 8.66×11, 11×14, 6×7.63
Photo Albums Direct - Rectangle Album Sizes
© Jose Zakany
*These sizes replaced 8×10, 10×13, and 10×15 rectangular albums, formerly available in our old ordering system.
Photo Albums Direct - Album Design Profile
© William James Photography

New Album Design Features

More intuitive, visual, and user-friendly

  1. Individual and universal design profiles
  1. Step-by-step ordering
  1. Easy image uploading
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Improved Pricing

We’ve made some adjustments to our pricing for our Albums, product options, and Cover Materials

  1. Lower price for Premium Leather upgrades
  1. Lower price for Thick Page with Acrylic Covers
  1. Lower price for Thin Page Spine with Photo
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Photo Albums Direct - New Pricing
Left – © ByCherry Photography
Middle – © 2016 Leah Marie Photography
Right – © Jose Zakany
Photo Albums Direct - New Swatches

New Cover Options and Material

We now have new Premium Leather color options to choose from to help you brighten up your product line

  1. 18 New Premium Leather choices
  1. 3 New Distressed Leather choices
  1. 3 New Standard Leather choices
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New Product Info Sheets

Show your clients what products you offer with our new and beautifully designed Product Info Sheets

  1. Share them with clients suring meetings or directly send digital files
  1. JPG files are available for easy and fast downloads
  1. PSD files are also readily available to customize them to your branding
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Photo Albums Direct - Product Info Sheets
Photo Albums Direct - New Packaging

New Packaging

A much better fit with our products creating a more elegant presentation to your clients, especially with our very contemporary colors and cover options.

  1. Neutral-colored to match all colors and cover options.
  1. Stylish, contemporary, and elegant.
  1. All new for 2017.

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